Metal Grating Fabrication

Metal Grating Fabrication



Do you need metal grating fabrication in Houston, Texas? Marco Specialty Steel is your one-stop-shop for customized metal grating. Our inhouse 3,500 square foot warehouse has all the necessary tools to create your grating project to meet exacting standards.

Metal Grating Availability

Within the metal and steel grating category, we provide bar grating as well as several types of safety gratings, like diamond safety grating, perf safety grating, tread-grip grating.

The fabrication of these metal products can be made by welding, cutting, shearing, stamping, drilling, rolling, and more.

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Metal Bar Grating Fabrication

Bar grating offers the ideal combination of strength, long-term reliability and safety, all of which at a reasonable price. Especially when Marco fabricates it to our client’s specifications. Our warehouse is stocked with bar grating, but many of our clients need custom fabricated grating. Our technical experts have years of experience fabricating bar grating for many industries, especially industrial and manufacturing. Whether you need a simple custom cut bar grating, a whole mezzanine platform created, or a custom vessel internal, Marco is your go-to fabrication shop.

Marco Specialty Steel stocks a large assortment of bar grating, like, welded bar gratingpress-lockedrivetedheavy dutyaluminum bar grating, as well as bar grating stair treads. All of which are easily fabricated.

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Would you like to see more fabricated grating? Check out our fabrication photo gallery.

Diamond Safety Grating

Diamond safety grating is a high strength lightweight metal designed for safety underfoot. Hazardous conditions created by mud, ice, snow, grease, and oil are no match for its diamond-shaped construction. It is the best slip resistant floor and stair material for industrial applications. The fabrication of safety grating is one of Marco’s top priorities. It will always be done right because it has such an important job in the industry.

Perf Safety Grating

Perf Safety grating offers a less aggressive version of diamond safety grating. The round hole design allows for the flow of light in any indoor or outdoor setting for an aesthetic appeal. If you need custom perf safety grating stair treads, catwalks, or other product for your worksite, Marco Specialty Steel can accommodate you.

Tread Grip Metal Grating Fabrication

Tread grip safety grating is a high-quality industrial flooring featuring hundreds of perforated-button treads that offer slip resistance in all directions. Tread grip is available in planks, flooring sheets, stair treads, and ladder rungs, all of which are easily fabricated. This metal grating is appropriate for commercial & industrial applications where pedestrian traffic is a consideration, offering a safe walking-working surface.

Industrial Uses for Metal Grating Fabrication

Metal grating fabrication is useful in almost all industries. Some applications of these products are:

  • Walkways & stair treads
  • Trench covers & vault covers
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Running boards
  • Vessel internals, catalyst support grids
  • Fire escapes
  • Machine platforms
  • Air vent grates
  • Residential decks & bridge decking
  • Industrial flooring

Contact the Expert Fabricators

So, if you are looking for a Houston based company that not only provides metal grating materials, but also fabricates these rouged metal gratings, call Marco today. Our experienced sales team and well-trained fabricators are available to help deliver your project on time and on budget.