Advantages of Expanded Metal vs. Standard Security Fencing

While standard security fencing can provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for typical protection tasks, it may not be suitable for high-risk environments. Expanded metal security fencing offers a better alternative in situations that demand more stringent safety apparatuses, such as at power plants, manufacturing facilities, airports, prisons and railways.

What Are the Benefits of Expanded Metal Security Fencing?

Besides being affordable and resistant to unraveling when cut, high-security expanded metal fencing offers a variety of advantages over standard fencing products:

  • Superior strength: Fencing in high-security areas must be able to withstand the most daunting intruder challenges. Unlike standard fencing material, the expanded metal will maintain its rigidity even when struck with a heavy object propelled by extreme force, without losing its shape. The impact will cause the metal to readjust, enabling it to retain its strength.
  • Resistance to cutting: If you’ve used standard security fencing in the past, you probably recognize how easy it is for intruders armed with bolt cutters to snip their way through the perimeter. However, bolt cutters are no match for expanded metal security fencing. It’s virtually impossible for bolt cutters to establish a solid grip on the material. Even if the intruder is successful at making a cut, the metal strands will remain in place and the fence will remain impenetrable.
  • Limited visibility: An issue with most types of security fencing is that intruders can see through the barrier, making it easy to discern what’s on the other side. High-security expanded metal fencing offers the flexibility to create a gap-free design without hindering performance, which places intruders at a significant disadvantage.
  • No climbing: Another advantage of the smaller gaps found in expanded metal security fencing is keeping individuals from climbing up and over the barrier. There simply isn’t enough space to secure hands and feet inside the gaps. In contrast, standard fencing is comparatively easy to ascend — assuming the intruder did not use bolt cutters to create an access hole.
  • Exceptional durability: Expanded metal security fencing exceeds standing fencing when it comes to longevity. The material offers excellent resistance to corrosion, a crucial consideration in rainy or humid climates. The increased lifespan means you will need to replace your fencing less frequently and have fewer maintenance concerns, resulting in lower long-term ownership costs.

Marco Can Meet Your High-Security Expanded Metal Fencing Needs

As expert metal fabricators with more than a quarter-century of experience, Marco Specialty Steel is your one-stop source for high-quality expanded metal security fencing. We have a fully equipped in-house metal fabrication shop where we can produce a custom fencing solution for your unique security applications.

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