2019 PMIES Expo and Conference

March 21, 2019 - PMIES EXPO AND CONFERENCE BOOTH #513 Come Visit Our Booth PMIES Expo and Conference on March 21, 2019 at Pasadena Convention Center PMIES, short for Plant Maintenance, Inspection and Engineering Society: Their purpose is to provide a forum to share knowledge, create a networking relationship among interested parties, and provide technical programs that are meaningful and that emphasize the hands on aspect versus the theoretical side of Mechanical Engineering. Visit their site for more information: Read more
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24/7 On-call Metal Supplier

MARCO IS YOUR 24/7 On-call Metal Supplier Did you know we are the best 24/7 on-call metal supplier in Texas? We have created this service to manage your rush, afterhours projects that just can’t wait. Inventory for Rush Projects We keep our 32,000 sq. ft. warehouse stocked full of many products so they can be shipped out quickly to meet tight deadlines. Our vast inventory includes bar grating, wire mesh, perforated metal, Read more

10 Tips for Purchasing Perforated Metal

When buying perforated material, there are countless varieties of hole sizes, shapes, materials and gauges to specify which can affect the production process, quality, cost and lead-time of the finished product. Follow these 10 tips to purchase the right perforated product for your individual application: Material - Choose the proper material, thickness and finish that satisfies the challenges of the application’s environment. Corrosion resistance, EMI shielding requirements and appearance may be some considerations. Hole shape - There are many hole shapes, but round holes in general are most common, especially arranged in a 60° triang… Read more

3 Uses of Architectural Products

Architectural products, like metal screens and infill panels, serve various purposes. All, however, are fabricated to meet practical requirements while fulfilling your creative vision as an architect, designer or brand manager, when you collaborate with Marco Specialty Steel. Learn more about architectural metal screens and an in-depth examination of three of their uses below. Architectural Metal Screens and Their Options The versatility of architectural metal screens allows them to offer multiple applications throughout different industries. Metal screen options tend to influence the use of an architectural metal screen the most. Bar grating, for example, is not ideal for separating minerals in com… Read more

5 Common Architectural Wire Cloth Patterns

Wire cloth is often used for infill panels, metal facades and a number of other architectural applications. While there is an unlimited number of potential weave patterns, wire gauges and opening sizes, some combinations are more popular than others for architectural use. Read more