Woven Wire Mesh Inventory

Woven Wire Mesh Inventory



Wire Cloth can be made from almost every material Marco Specialty Steel sells, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, and carbon steel. Wire cloth products are available in 2 types of construction; woven mesh and welded mesh. Marco’s woven wire mesh inventory is expansive, due to its popularity. The interweaved wires create a high quality and durable loom. The high precision and accuracy required to make woven wire mesh slightly increases the cost, but also expands the quality.

Our woven wire mesh products can be categorized using the following:woven wire mesh inentory sample

  • Market Grade
  • Space Cloth
  • Refinery Grade
  • Mill Grade
  • Filter Cloth
  • Bolting Cloth
  • Sintered Mesh

Marco is determined to provide our clients with all the knowledge they need to make the best decisions when ordering from our woven wire mesh inventory. Therefore, we provide tables that show open area, wire diameter and more. Click to go to our woven wire mesh table. We also have a page with wire cloth resources with downloadable catalogs and spec sheets.

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What are Crimp Styles?

Our woven mesh inventory includes different crimp styles. Crimp style refers to the bend in the wire that allows for the wires to fit neatly together.

  • Lock crimp
  • Double crimp
  • Intercrimp
  • Flat top

What are Weave Styles?

Weave styles are the patterns that the wires are woven into. The five weave styles are:

  • Plain/double
  • Twill square
  • Twill dutch
  • Reverse plain dutch
  • Plain dutch

See our crimp and weave styles page for explanations and images.

There Are so Many Ways to Use Our Woven Wire Mesh Inventory

Marco Specialty Steel supplies woven wire mesh inventory for companies across a broad spectrum of industries, from the oil and gas industry to building parks and zoos. The applications of this type of wire cloth are endless and uses vary from industrial to architectural.

woven wire mesh innentory architectural uses
Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
wovan wire mesh inventory industrial uses
Industrial Woven Wire Mesh






Industrial Uses:

  • Sifting, strainers, and mesh baskets
  • Filtration and separation
  • Glare control
  • RFI and EMI shielding Process screens and centrifuge screens
  • Waste treatment
  • Air and water filters
  • Dewatering, solids/liquid control

Architectural Uses:

  • Ventilation fan screens
  • Handrails and safety guards
  • Security screens and partitions
  • Sunscreens stair railings
  • Suspended walkway railing
  • Infill panels
  • Parking structures
  • Protective enclosures
  • Trellises

We Are the Woven Wire Fab Experts

If you need any of the products above fabricated, call us. Marco employs wire mesh fabrication experts to run our in-house fabrication department. We can transform any of our woven wire inventory into the exact product you need. We also have a fabrication photo gallery to “show off” some of our favorite projects.

Contact us for more information regarding our inventory of welded mesh, or any of our products.