How Security Barriers Can Save Lives and Businesses

So you’re trying to determine whether it’s time to increase the security of your building and you’re about to launch into the decision-making process. We can help. First, it’s crucial to know exactly what area you’re trying to protect as well as what you’re protecting it from. If this is a security barrier that will be placed outside to keep cars away from a section of your building, you’ll probably choose different metals and fabrication than if you need security panels to protect your interior.

No matter what you need to keep safe, barriers will help get the job done.

Applications for Metal Security Panels

When it comes to barriers, you have two primary categories to consider: active and passive.

Either option can incorporate metal security panels, but they function differently and provide distinct advantages. You’ll be able to retract crash gates and other active security equipment to allow access to vehicles or people when appropriate. On the other hand, passive barriers provide perimeter protection and remain stationary.

Just a few ways that metal security barriers keep you, your building, your business and your employees safe include:

  • Restricted vehicular access: If an unauthorized or unidentified automobile enters an area around your building where it should not be for any reason, it can immediately compromise safety for nearby people, business operations and the structure itself. High-security fences eliminate the problem around vehicle access points and allow you to better choose who and what is near your company at all times.
  • Interior sectioning: From panels that create safe enclosures within a building to metal that reinforces a security door, you’ll find a number of sections within your building that make you realize just how important security barriers can be. Many people use hexagonal holes in perforated metals to provide privacy and security in separate sections of a building while also allowing for visibility, light, and air. Both expanded and perforated metal function well in industrial security panels, retail partitions and more.
  • Roof panels: If you own any type of building that keeps you concerned about the safety of the people inside, you’ll want to consider metal security barriers on the roof to prevent dangerous falls. The same application works in retail and industrial locations that have several floors. It wouldn’t take much for someone to fall from a high area and hurt themselves without the proper guards. Metal security panels help eliminate this type of risk.

MarCo Specialty Steel Fabricates and Supplies Metal for Security Barriers

Whether you need perforated or expanded metal for security panels, wire cloth or another material, you’ll find exactly what you need with MarCo Specialty Steel. We customize our work for any job to meet your unique requirements and specifications. It’s a priority for us that our work helps protect people and businesses, which is why we work only with highly trained technicians who know exactly how to create your one-of-a-kind panels.

Contact us to request a quote and discuss options for the type and amount of metal you need.