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How to Prevent Corrosion on Your Industrial Metal Bar Grating

Metal bar grating is a lattice, or an assembled grid of parallel bearing bars against a series of parallel crossbars that keep the grid sturdy. They’re valuable to cover floors and holes in various buildings, roads and other areas because they provide a sturdy surface while still allowing heat, sound, water, light and air through their openings.

The value of gratings is clear, which is a big reason why they’re used as flooring, fencing, stair treads, ventilation screens, catwalks and so much more. One common problem with metal grating that you’ll have to take steps to prevent, however, is corrosion.

Methods to Protect Bar Grating From Corrosion

Galvanized Grating in Harsh Environment

When environmental interactions cause a material to deteriorate over time, we call it corrosion. This natural occurrence takes place with a combination of a metallic surface, moisture and an oxidizing agent. One of the most common forms is rust. If you’re trying to decide how best to protect your metal grating or other metal products, think about the following no matter what step of the process you’re in:

  • Choice of metal type: The best way to fight corrosion is to use the best material for the project. Certain types of metal, like stainless steel, galvanized steel, nickel alloy and aluminum, have a higher resistance to corrosion. This makes them a good choice if they’ll be applied in an atmosphere conducive to breakdown.
  • Environmental measures: Thoroughly consider the type of environmental elements your metal grating will be exposed to on a regular basis and decide whether you’ll be able to control the environment in any way. Depending on your specific circumstances, you might be able to reduce exposure to seawater or rain. In other situations, you could even take action to control chlorine, oxygen and sulfur around the metal.
  • Protective coatings: Applying a coating of some sort to your metal is a cost-effective way to prevent corrosion. Paint is not the best corrosion protection but creates a barrier so that electrochemical charge in a corrosive solution cannot reach underlying metal. Dry powder coating and PVC coating are better options, and several compositions like polyester, epoxy, urethane, nylon and more can achieve this goal.
  • Corrosion inhibitors: Certain chemicals will react with your metal’s surface or gases surrounding the area, working to suppress electrochemical reactions that would lead to corrosion. If you choose this method, you’ll apply the inhibitors to your metal grating so they can form a protective film.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Be sure to properly clean any discoloration or surface deposits from your metal grating on a regular basis. If you notice small spots of rust, a fine sandpaper might help. If you need stronger corrosion removal, consider using wire brushes, Dremel tools and household chemicals like white vinegar. Refinish once you’re done removing spots.
  • Proper design work: Largely in the hands of your metal fabricators, design modifications can reduce the occurrence of corrosion through simple design and positioning. You don’t want metalwork that traps water and dust, because it would lead to a much faster corrosive process. Additionally, you’ll want your design to encourage air movement and avoid open crevices. Make sure the entire surface is accessible so you can perform regular cleaning and maintenance.

Bar Grating Alternative

An alternative to bar grating is fiberglass grating. Marco stocks a variety of FRP grating and structural shapes. Available in molded or pultruded, FRP grating is a lightweight, non-rusting solution.

Find Your Industrial Bar Grating Supplier

If you need custom bar grating fabrication, look no further. At Marco Specialty Steel, we employ only the most experienced technicians to design one-of-a-kind metal grating that will resist corrosion and suit your unique specifications. We offer press-locked, welded, riveted, swage-locked aluminum and heavy-duty bar grating, among others. Metal stair treads are also available. Contact us now to request a custom quote.