Choosing the Right Perforated Metal Patterns for Your Project

The first thing you need to do when it’s time for this decision is to consider your application. The patterns and other features you choose for your perforated metal will affect the way you can use the finished product. Do you need perforated metal to distribute heat in an area or soundproof a room? Maybe you’re thinking of a completely different function. Know this information before moving forward.

Type and Thickness for Your Material

You need to know the strength and stiffness you require in your final product before deciding on a specific metal type and thickness. Perforated metal isn’t as strong as its non-perforated counterpart, but you can choose from several different thicknesses and materials like aluminum, copper, brass, various steels and more that will help you reach a desired structural capacity.

Thinner perforated sheets are less expensive because there is less material involved and it takes less effort for fabricators to machine them, but low price doesn’t always make them the right choice.

Perforated Metal Hole Types

The type of holes you choose for your perforated metal will affect both functionality and appearance. Our cutting machine has the technological ability to produce some of the most common and inexpensive choices, or decorative shapes that follow:

  • Round: For an easy and therefore economical shape that functions well in many applications like air conditioning and heating systems, aesthetic architectural design and more, you could choose round holes.
  • Square: This pattern is a good choice if you want to get fresh air and a clear view through the finished sheet. While providing that benefit, these perforated sheets also provide a durable barrier for impact-load resistance and protection against trespassers.
  • Slot: Slot holes have long rectangles with square or half-circle ends. Professionals in the manufacturing industry tend to favor these versatile shapes for applications like material screening and sorting — especially with similarly shaped materials like seeds and grains. Slot direction on the sheet is up to you.
  • Ornamental / Decorative Perforations: These unique patterns include moire, Grecian and cloverleaf. They are ecstatically pleasing and functional.

All the patterns above can then be custom cut/punched for individual needs.

Perforated Metal Pattern Types

Once you’ve chosen the shape of the holes in your perforated metal, it’s time to choose a pattern.

The most common type of pattern is straight line, with repeating rows that have an identical number of holes as each preceding row. Another option is a staggered layout that allows for offset alignment from adjacent rows. Finally, and less commonly, some people choose non-standard patterns like spirals, stars or circles for unique applications or a design accomplishment.

The pattern you choose for your perforated metal will change the strength, functionality, appearance, cost and time requirement for each sheet.

Need more information to choose the perfect perforated metal for your project? See our 10 Tips for Purchasing The Perforated Metal.

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