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Bar Grating Inventory



Marco Specialty Steel carries a large bar grating inventory which provides a sturdy, safe solution for driveways, walking surfaces and stairs in any location. We carry a large variety and the best quality of bar grating products to meet your needs.

Bar Grating Is Available In Countless Materials and Constrution

Marco’s bar grating inventory includes welded, press-locked, riveted, heavy duty, aluminum and stair treads. Welded bar grating inventory is the most versatile, therefore the most popular. Its bearing bars are welded together to produce a rugged, one-piece panel with crossbars that are extremely rigid, yet smooth enough for safe walking. Press-locked bar grating features a system of interlocking bars that are fused together by hydraulic pressure. This gives it the same strength, durability, and openness as welded bar grating. Riveted bar grating uses high strength rivets to bond the bearing bars to the reticulated bars. This enhances the grating’s resistance to buckling and shuddering because the products are strong, durable, and impact resistant. Heavy-duty welded bar grating is built for the toughest, most demanding tasks. It features the maximum strength to accommodate heavier loads such as vehicle traffic or vessel support grids. Aluminum grating provides a lightweight and long-lasting protection against the relentless forces of corrosion. Along with its rust resistance, aluminum grating’s non-sparking capability makes it a chosen grating for many industrial environments. Our bar grating stair treads are used in commercial and industrial walkways, ventilation grates, platforms, safety barriers and more.

Marco Specialty Steel is your go-to partner for reliable bar grating products, and we have a complete bar grating fabrication department. Our warehouse maintains an extensive inventory of bar grating. We stock thousands of bar grating panels and are available 24/7 to serve your rush needs. Read about our 24/7 hour services here. Would you like to know more about our inventory of bar grating? Contact us today for availability of bar grating stocked products.

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