Mill Grade Wire Mesh

Mill Grade Wire Mesh Products

Mill grade wire mesh is somewhat similar to tensile bolting mesh, with the primary difference being that it provides greater strength and a lesser amount of open area. However, mill grade wire mesh cannot match market grade wire mesh in terms of strength and durability. This is due to the use of thinner, lighter wire diameters than what typically comprises market grade mesh. Mill grade wire mesh typically consists of a plain weaving technology.


Mill Grade Wire Mesh Materials

Mill grade wire mesh can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum. However, stainless steel is often the preferred choice of many product manufacturers due to its ability to provide a smooth, polished surface that reduces the likelihood of clogging. Mill grade wire mesh is manufactured in mesh sizes ranging from as small as 2 x 2 to as large as 60 x 60, with numerous wire diameters and actual openings, and with an open area as large as 79.6 percent to as small as 37.2 percent.

Mill Grade Wire Cloth Applications

Mill grade wire cloth is primarily used in food processing applications such as flour sifting and milling, and seed and feed sifting, due to its larger percentage of open area than market grade mesh. It is also widely used in petroleum exploration and drilling operations. Contact us for mill grade wire mesh for food processing and petroleum production.

Marco Specialty Steel is a Leading Provider of Mill Grade Wire Cloth

If you are looking for a mill grade wire cloth supplier you can count on, look no further than Marco Specialty Steel. Our stock inventory includes more than two dozen mill grade products in a wide range of styles, material grades, wire diameters and open area percentages to meet just about any application. We import our mill grade wire cloth from some of the finest mills located around the world to ensure the highest possible quality for your product.

Turn to Us for Custom-Weaved Wire Cloth

Do you have a unique or specialized application that requires a customized mill grade wire cloth? It’s never a problem for Marco Specialty Steel. Our goal is to provide a finished product that will provide the performance you demand, all without sacrificing quality.

Mill Grade Product Table

MeshWire Dia.Actual OpeningOpen Area %
2 x 2.054.44679.6
3 x 3.041.292376.7
4 x 4.035.21574.0
5 x 5.032.16870.6
6 x 6.028.138769.6
7 x 7.028.114964.8
8 x 8.025.0164.0
9 x 9.023.088162.7
10 x 10.020.00864.0
11 x 11.020.070961.0
12 x 12.018.065361.5
14 x 14.017.054458.1
16 x 16.016.046555.4
18 x 18.015.040653.3
20 x 20.014.03651.8
22 x 22.0135.03249.6
24 x 24.013.028747.4
26 x 26.011.027551.0
28 x 28.010.025751.8
30 x 30.0095.023851.1
32 x 32.009.022350.9
34 x 34.009.020448.1
36 x 36.009.018845.7
38 x 38.0085.017845.8
40 x 40.0085.016543.6
45 x 45.008.014240.8
50 x 50.0075.012539.1
60 x 60.0065.010237.2

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