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The extensive selection of top-quality wire cloth products available from Houston, TX-based Marco Specialty Steel, Inc. includes welded utility mesh for a wide range of applications. Welded wire mesh is an extremely versatile product that can come as coils or flat panels.

It can be constructed from various metals and metal alloys including low carbon and stainless steel. It is also available in numerous sizes and meshes opening shapes — square is the most common. Woven wire mesh is also available.


Along with woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh is one of the two main types of wire cloth products. Welded wire mesh is typically the less expensive of the two materials. It consists of a grid pattern featuring a series of parallel longitudinal wires that are welded together at the point where the wires intersect. The strength and thickness of the weld are determined by factors such as weld pressure, time and temperature. Welded wire mesh can also be bent or cut to form a variety of shapes without causing the wires to come apart.

Welded Wire Mesh Benefits

Welded wire mesh’s mat-like design and construction enables it to remain firmly in place even when holding heavy materials such as concrete. It works well in bending applications, as the mat is bent as a single unit instead of a series of pieces. This also minimizes the risk of misplacement. Welded wire mesh offers a cost-effective alternative, as it requires less reinforcement than when using steel bars.

Welded wire cloth is also easier to work with than many other types of metal materials. Welded wire fabric is quick and simple to install and is not easily displaced by workers laying concrete. The ease of use can reduce completion time and help projects remain on budget. Faster construction time also minimizes the exposure of building components to the elements, resulting in higher-quality work.

You’ll be able to complete more work with less field labor, which frees up manpower, material, equipment, and resources for other areas of your project.

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Welded Wire Basket
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Welded Stair Platform

Welded Wire Mesh Applications

Welded wire mesh’s combination of low cost, ease of use and versatility makes it a popular choice for many different applications.

  • Fences and gates: You’ll find welded wire mesh fences and gates installed at residences and all types of commercial and industrial properties.
  • Architectural uses such as building facades: Although welded wire fabric is known for its strength and durability, architects and designers often use it to enhance aesthetic appeal.
  • Architectural Wire Mesh for Green Building Design: Using welded wire mesh can help achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits and certification.
  • Infill panels for railings and divider walls: Woven wire infill panels are used often as partitions or divider walls due to its clean and sometimes modern look.
  • Animal control: Farmers, ranchers and animal control professionals use fencing made from welded wire mesh to contain livestock and stray animals.
  • Screens for doors and windows: Welded wire mesh screens provide a sturdy material and effective insect control when installed in windows.
  • Machine guards: Use welded wire cloth guards for industrial machinery.
  • Shelving and partitions: Welded wire mesh’s strength and stability enable it to serve as shelving for storing heavy products and as partitions that promote visibility.
  • Behind-the-scenes use in plumbing, walls and ceilings: Wire mesh provides support for pipes installed in the walls and ceilings of a structure.
  • Gardens to keep bugs away from their plants and vegetables: Mesh with a low open area percentage serves as a screen that prevents insects from destroying plants.
  • Agriculture: To serve as barrier fencing, corn cribs, livestock shade panels and temporary holding pens.

Trim and Stub Options

Marco offers a variety of trim and stub options to suit your needs. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives if you’re not sure which option is best for your project.

Trimmed: Minimum on all four sides approximately 1/16″-1/8″ long. Trimmed flush (no stubs) must be specified when required.
Untrimmed Balanced Stubs: Equal stubs on opposite sides only. Stubs will not exceed opening unless specified.
Balanced Stubs with Edge Wire: Equal stubs on opposite sides with welded edge wire. (Special order only)
Untrimmed Random Stubs: Varies on all four sides. Results from shearing a larger sheet, pieces will not be identical.

welded wire mesh in a trimmed option
welded wire mesh in a balanced untrimmed option
Untrimmed Balanced
balanced welded wire mesh stubs trimmed
Balanced Stubs
random untrimmed welded wire mesh finish, welded wire edge
Random Untrimmed






Marco Can Produce Custom Welded Wire Mesh

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Welded Wire Fabrication

As one of the leading welded wire mesh suppliers in the United States, Marco Specialty Steel can provide high-quality mesh made from carbon steel, stainless steel, pre-galvanized and galvanized-after. Browse our current offerings to review all available sizes, wire diameters and openings. If you can’t find the exact product you need for your applications, please let us know.

Our state-of-the-art 35,000-square-foot Houston, TX facility includes a fully equipped in-house fabrication shop where we can customize any of our stock products to match your specifications.

Marco Specialty Steel: Your One-Stop Welded Wire Cloth Distributor

Marco Specialty Steel Inc. is a full-service welded wire mesh distributor in Houston, TX that offers a wide range of welded utility mesh solutions. Choose from 16GA, 14GA and 12GA steel in a wide range of sizes and sold as convenient rolls. We can also work with you to design a custom welded wire mesh product for your specialized applications.

When you choose Marco Specialty Steel, Inc. as your welded wire mesh manufacturer, you will work with a company with nearly a quarter of a century of relevant specialty steel experience. We’re known for our willingness to go the extra mile for every customer. We can help you choose the best solution for your needs and budget, and our customer response time is unmatched in the industry. We also support our welded wire mesh product lineup with a comprehensive menu of services including slitting, calendaring and shearing.


Welded Wire Mesh Table

Mesh OpeningWire DiameterSizeMaterial
1 MESH.122"72" x 144"Galvanized After
1 MESH.080"48" x 1200"Pre-Galvanized
1 MESH.063"48" x 1200"Pre-Galvanized
1 MESH.105"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
1 MESH.118"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
1 MESH.118"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
1 MESH.118"60" x 120"Carbon Steel
1 MESH.101"48" x 96"Galvanized After
1 MESH.122"48" x 96"Galvanized After
1-1/2" CENTERS.135"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
1-1/2" CENTERS.135"60" x 120"Carbon Steel
1-1/2" CENTERS.118"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
1-1/2" CENTERS.118"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
2.250"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.122"72" x 144"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.189"48" x 96"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.159"48" x 96"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.122"72" x 144"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.122"60" x 120"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.122"48" x 96"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.122"48" x 120"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.101"48" x 96"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.118"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.118"60" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.063"48" x 1200"Galvanized After
2" CENTERS.118"72" x 144"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.135"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.105"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.135"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.118".118"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.135"60" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.155"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.155"60" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.187"60" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.250"60" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.250"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.118"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.187"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
2" CENTERS.187"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
2" MESH.041"36" x 1200"Galvanized After
2" MESH.041"48" x 1200"Galvanized After
2" MESH.063"48" x 1200"Stainless Steel 304
2" MESH.063"60" x 1200"Galvanized After
2" MESH.041"72" x 1200"Galvanized After
2" MESH.041"60" x 1200"Galvanized After
2" X 1" CENTERS.118"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
3" CENTERS.162"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
3" CENTERS.162"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
3" CENTERS.162"48" x 144"Carbon Steel
3" X 1" CENTERS.118"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
3" X 5/8" CENTERS.118"48" x 96"Carbon Steel
4 MESH.032"48" x 1200"Stainless Steel 304
4 MESH.025"36" x 1200"Galvanized After
4 MESH.025"48" x 1200"Galvanized After
4" CENTERS.250"48" x 120"Carbon Steel
4" CENTERS.250"60" x 120"Carbon Steel
4" CENTERS.250"48" x 96"Carbon Steel

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