How to Order Bar Grating

How to Order Bar Grating

Ordering Bar Grating from Marco is Easy

Please specify:

  1. Type of grating: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
  2. Desired construction:
    a. Welded steel bar grating
    b. Press-locked
    c. Riveted
    d. Heavy-duty
    e. Swage-lock aluminum
  3. Bearing Bar Spacing: Bearing bar size and center to center spacing of cross bars and bearing bars
  4. Span: bearing bar direction
  5. Type of anchorage: welded, saddle clips, G Clips, Grate Fast Clips, Weld Lugs, Z Clips
  6. Finish: mill finish, painted black or galvanized
  7. Surface: plain, serrated, or slip resistant surface
  8. Drawing Including:
    a. Area to be Covered
    b. Span (bearing bar direction)
    c. Method of Support
    d. All Critical Dimensions

bar grating diagram; bar grating spanThink about:

  • Application or use of product (including environment)
  • Physical requirements, opening size, percent of open area, etc.

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