Bar Grating Weld Lugs

Weld Lugs Attachments

Marco Specialty Steel is a leading supplier of bar grating plus we are here if you need fabricated bar grating. Contact our dedicated team for more information.

bar grating Wel-LugsIn order to offer comprehensive grating solutions to every customer, Marco Specialty Steel provides a wide range of accessories and fastening options for bar grating products. For applications in which a steel grate can’t or shouldn’t be welded in place, we will install an anchoring product of your choice onto your purchase.

Weld lugs are an excellent choice for bar grating that needs to be removed for cleaning or any other purpose. They consist of a steel plate shop-welded between the bearing bars. A punched hole allows you to use the hardware of your choice to fasten the grating assembly to the supporting structure.

Welding vs. Weld Lugs

Welding is best for grating that needs to be fixed permanently in place. Conversely, weld lugs should be used for installations that are subject to removal. With the right type of fastener, weld lugs can offer security comparable to that of a weld.

Welds and weld lugs are both attached in the same spots — for non-heavy duty applications, this will be at the middle of the panel and at each of the bearing bar ends. As a result, there are little additional design or engineering considerations when choosing between the two.

Weld Lugs vs. Clips

Other alternatives to weld lugs available from Marco Specialty Steel include saddle clips, Grate-Fast clips, G clips and Z clips. Z clips are one of the most versatile types of attachments and are especially useful when working with riveted grating. Grate-Fast clips are extremely secure and can be installed by a single person. Saddle clips and G clips are also easy to install, and are available in a range of different materials, including stainless steel and aluminum.

If you’re uncertain whether or not bar grating weld lugs are the right type of fastener for your application, contact Marco Specialty Steel directly. One of our representatives will be happy to go over your options and help you make an informed choice.

Quality Fasteners You Can Count On

Marco Specialty Steel is your one-stop-shop for steel bar grating products. We specialize in customizable solutions that are tailored to your application. Aside from the grating itself, your choice of fastener should be your next major consideration.

Bar grating weld lugs are an excellent choice that can be adapted for use in a number of different industrial applications. Use the form on this page to get in touch and request a quote today.