Grate-Fast Bar Grating Clips

Accessories-Grate-fast-ClipGrate-Fast Clips

Grate-Fast standard bar grating clips consist of a top saddle and lower body casting, connected by a 3/8” socket head galvanized cap screw bolt. They are one of the most secure types of bar grating fasteners we offer, and they have the additional benefit of being simple to use and easy to install.

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Grate-Fast-Clips on floorGrate-Fast Clips Details and Options

Marco Specialty Steel offers several different bar grating Grate-Fast anchor and clip configurations to meet the needs of a diverse selection of clients. The standard product features:

  • A galvanized iron body
  • A 13-gauge galvanized upper saddle that fits 1/4”, 3/16” and 1/8” bearing bar sizes
  • A 2 1/4” cap screw bolt for use with a range of bearing bar depths
  • A stepped tail that fits beam flanges from 1/8” to 3/4”

Other options include the Grate-Fast 3D and 4D, which feature a longer screw bolt for use with deeper bearing bars, and the Grate-Fast FG series, which are made from 300-series stainless steel and available with either offset or flat-wing saddles.

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Installing Bar Grating Using Grate-Fast Clips

Using Grate-Fast clips to install steel grating is easy:

  1. Position the Grate-Fast so that the upper saddle rests on the grating’s bearing bars, and arrow on the lower casting faces the structural steel beam
  2. Slide the Grate-Fast forward until the lower casting’s nose is positioned underneath the beam flange
  3. Using a hexagon key, fasten the cap screw until the nose is securely torqued against the flange

From start to finish, the installation process takes only a few seconds. Grate-Fast clips can be easily removed and reinstalled using the same procedure.

Key Benefits of Bar Grating Grate-Fast Clamps

Grate-Fast clamps have a number of advantages over similar bar grating fasteners. They offer exceptional security while remaining fast and easy to install, without requiring welding, drilling or the use of any special tools other than a standard hex key. Standard Grate-Fast clips are designed to handle an ultimate load of up to 800 lbs., and an average side load of 450 lbs., depending on their depth and coating.

Grate-Fast fasteners can be added to any Marco steel or fiberglass grating product. We offer fast turnaround times on custom fabrications and dedicated service for clients in a range of industries. To request a quote or learn more about our products, get in touch today.