Bar Grating Manufacturing Tolerances

Bar Grating Manufacturing Tolerances

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Bearing Bar & Cross Rod Tolerances

Cross Rod Spacing and Alignment: Cross rods should not vary more than 1/8 in 12 in either direction from perpendicular alignment with bearing bars. The tolerance of the cross bar spacing for 5’ in length is ±1/4”.


Cross Rod Position: The top of the cross rod should not project more than 1/16” above the top of the bearing bars for standard grating (1/8” for heavy-duty) and should not extend more than 1/8” from side of bearing bars.


Bearing Bar Lean: Bearing bar lean must not exceed a slope of 1-1/4 to 12.


Cross Bar Lean: Cross bar lean must not exceed a slope of 2-1/2 to 12.


Panel Tolerances

Longitudinal Bow: Longitudinal bow should be less than 1/200 of the length for standard grating (1/240 for Heavy-Duty).


Tranverse Bow: Before banding, the tranverse bow should be less than 1/8” per foot of width.


Overall Dimensions and Squareness

D= Overall diagonal dimension
W= Length of cross rods including extensions outside of bearing bars
L= Length of bearing bars



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