Decking, Bridges and Vehicle Surfaces

Vehicle Surfaces: Decking, Bridges, and Roadway Grating

Bridge and roadway grating is often necessary for reinforcing surfaces. Roadways and bridges take a lot of heavy use, either from constant wear and tear from vehicles or natural forces like heavy rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. While vehicle surfaces are being built, they need the right materials and construction.

At Marco Specialty Steel Inc., we have the best quality materials and products you need for your next decking and grating job on a roadway or bridge. Below are links to our bar grating products that can be used for decking, bridges, and vehicle surfaces:

if you are looking for details and load tales, check out our bar grating resource page.

Fabricated Gratings for Decking, Bridges, and Vehicle Surfaces

We pride ourselves on being able to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our in-house fabrication shop is capable of customizing products to your exact specifications. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind piece or a large order for your business, we’re here to help.

Bridge Decking

Decking reinforces roads and bridges by supporting their weight. When you have tons of weight at any moment on a road or bridge, that support is key. An improperly supported roadway or bridge leads to a potential disaster.

Decking is constructed by creating a grate with reticulated bars between two bearing bars. It gives an appearance of a series of bell curves between two straight bars. This design takes the brunt of the stresses a roadway or bridge experiences every day.

You want your decking and roadway grating to be tough. With any construction project, the strength and construction of your materials are key. Any imperfect piece in the plan could compromise the entire structure.

Steel grating from Marco Specialty Steel will make your bridge or vehicle surface project stronger. With our experience and top-quality products and materials, your roadway or bridge will have superior strength and durability.

Bridges and Roadway Grating

Bridges and roadway grating are ideal for use in high traffic areas, such as roads. Heavy-duty bar grating is commonly used in bridges and roadways due to its durability. The bars are resistant to buckling and reduce the stress that normally leads to joint failures.

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