How to Order Fiberglass Grating

How to Order Fiberglass Grating

Please review the following FRP Ordering Information:

Please Specify:

  1. Type of FRP product:
    a. Molded – rectangular or square pattern and mesh size
    b. Pultruded – I-Bar or T-Bar
    c. Phenolic – molded or plutruded
    e. Structural shapes
    f. Stair treads
    g. Ladder systems
    h Handrail systems
  2. Resin & color: minimums may apply–please inquire
  3. Quantity: number of panels, areas or treads–full size or cut pieces required
  4. Height:
    a. Molded –panel height
    b. Pultruded–bar height
  5. Width: width of panel, plank or pieces
  6. Length: length of panel, plank or pieces
  7. Surface: plain/meniscus top or with grit/grit top
  8. For Pultruded I-Bar or T-Bar planks: indicate spacing between bearing bar centers and cross bar centers. Also indicate span of bearing bars
  9. For molded/rectangular panels: indicate span
  10. Special fabrication: cut-outs, etc.
  11. Fasteners/accessories: type, size, hardware
molded fiberglassn grating; fiberglass grating
Molded FRP
Fiberglass grating; pultruded fiberglass grating
Pultruded FRP





Think about:

  1. Application or use of product
  2. Physical requirements
    a. exposure to chemicals and/or extreme temperatures
    View Resistance Guide
    b. fire retardant rating
    c. loading requirements, span and support systems

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