Bar Grating Z Clips

Z-Clip Fasteners

Z clips are one of several bar grating fastener options offered by Marco Specialty Steel. As a one-stop-shop for organizations in a wide range of industries, any of our steel grating products can be finished with Z clip fasteners. Contact our office directly for details or to request a quote.

Z Clip Product Specifications

Bar grating Z clips are made from stainless steel for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as protection against chemical cleaners and solvents. One of the most versatile fastening options we offer, Z clips feature a pre-punched hole for fastening the grate in place using a ¼” bolt or TEK screw. Screws and bolts are not included.

Three products are available:

  • 1” Z clips for use with 1” and 1 ¼” bar grating
  • 1 ½” Z clips for use with 1 ½” and 1 ¾” bar grating
  • 2” Z clips for use with 2”, 2 ½” and 2 ¾” bar grating

Get in touch with a Marco representative for information about fastening options for larger bar grating products.

Z Clips vs. G Clips

Z clips and G clips are both types of bar grating anchor clips. Each offer specific benefits for different types of grating. G clips consist of a separate top and bottom, and a hex head fastener for connecting the two. Z clips feature a simpler design that is easier to install while still offering excellent fastening strength and durability.

Z clips are a versatile choice that can be used on any type of grating. Their small footprint makes them a particularly good choice for securing riveted grating in place. As such, they are often used on flooring, ramps, docks and other applications designed to accommodate rolling stock.

G clips are more suitable for standard welded steel bar grating and can be used to secure walkways, safety barriers, drainage covers and other surfaces of this type.

Let Our Team Match You With the Right Fastener for Your Application

Z clips are an economical and easy-to-use choice for most bar grating. They may not be the best option for every customer, which is why they are just one of the many fastening products we offer.

Not sure which type of fastener is best for your needs? A Marco representative will help you assess your options as part of the fabrication process. Need fabricated bar grating, we have you covered.