Wire Cloth

For wire cloth products and materials, Marco Specialty Steel is the leading supplier and “In Stock” distributor of wire cloth, welded mesh, space cloth, filter cloth and related products.

Our centrally located 45,000 sf warehouse maintains a wide range of wire cloth products in a variety of material grades, crimp styles, and meshes. We import wire cloth from the finest mills in the world, and our domestic weaving facilities can custom weave most any mesh, in any alloy you may require.

Wire Cloth Weave Styles

Plain Weave Style Intercrimp Weave Style Lock Crimp Weave Style Flat Top Weave Style

Your choice of wire sizes may range from 1" diameter down to wire sizes finer than human hair. Mesh opening sizes range from 4" and larger down to one micron (.00003937 inch). The type of weave (plain, intercrimped, twill) is frequently dictated by the wire diameter or the opening size desired, or by a combination of these factors, types and materials to suit virtually any requirement.

Wire Cloth Services

  • Custom Weaving
  • Cut Pieces
  • Calendaring
  • Disc
  • Shearing
  • Slitting
  • Bending
  • Segmented circles

Our wire cloth and welded mesh inventory is constantly evolving and expanding everyday to meet the changing needs of our customers around the country, and around the world.

If required, many specifications are available as domestically produced and meet the “Buy American Recovery Act” standards, or as DFAR compliant (DFAR Clause 252.225-7014.) Contact one of our experienced sales staff to discuss how we can work together to meet your specific needs.

Wire Cloth Products:

Wire Cloth Overview

Since wire cloth is produced in such varying combinations of wire diameter and opening size, its use has been widely accepted throughout the industry. It is extremely versatile in application. Whether you're sizing, separating, sifting, filtering or protecting, wire cloth will do the job.

Understanding Wire ClothSample of Wire Cloth Materialssample of diamond mesh cloth

We offer wire cloth and welded mesh in full rolls, cut to size pieces, slitting, circle cutting, blanking, and stamping. If you have custom or fabricated parts, just use the handy “Have a Question- File attachment” feature to upload your drawings directly form this page.

Petrochemical & Refining- 24/7 Service

Picture of a Petrochemical plant at nightMarco Specialty Steel routinely works with refineries, petrochemical plants, and vessel fabricators to supply catalyst support grids, outlet collectors, catalyst baskets and strainers, in a variety of material grades and meshes. Because we maintain one of the largest in-stock inventories in the World of refinery specific meshes and grades we are uniquely qualified for emergency turnaround and shutdown maintenance. Call us today and speak with one of our Technical Sales Reps. about how we can help eliminate your heachaches trying to find material in stock for next turnaround. All our material is backed by our strict QA program, and we maintain full tracability with Material Test Reports.

Marco Specialty Steel has the specifications you need need in 310ss, 321ss, 347ss, 410ss, Inconel , and Monel

We also offer "aluminizing", or "alonizing" for longer screen life. We have very competitive prices, short lead times, and a process that's approved by Chevron, UOP, Shell, Unocal, Arco and Exxon. For more information, click this link: aluminizing

Wire Cloth
Specs & Info

Helpful Wire Cloth Definitions:

A rolling operation which flattens the knuckles of wire cloth giving it a smoother surface.
Undulations in warp and fill wires which hold each other in place.
Fill Wire
aka SHUTE WIRE, wire running across the width of the cloth.
Filter Cloth
Cloth used for flattening or straining (primarily plain and twilled dutch wire cloth and certain specifications of square mesh and off-count standard wire cloth).
Hardware Cloth
Plain weave square mesh cloth of relatively light wire galvanized after weaving (usually between 2 to 8 openings per lineal inch).
Market Grade
Applies to wire cloth specifications most commonly used for general work. market grade cloth is made of one size wire for each size closed mesh.
Number of openings per lineal inch, measured from center of wire to center of wire.
1/1000 millimeter, 0.00003937 inch. The unit of measure for particle retention of filter media.
Oil Tempered Wire
High carbon steel wire that is heat resistant to produce good strength and abrasion resistance.
Dimension between parallel adjacent wires.
Rectangular Mesh
Wire cloth with different warp and fill wire mesh counts which results in rectangular openings. The most common have a higher warp mesh than filler mesh. Advantages are increased open area and reduced cost.
The finished edges of wire cloth running the length of the roll which are produced by the weaving operation.
Space Cloth
Wire cloth specified by the opening size rather than by the mesh count.
Square Mesh
Mesh with equal spacing of warp and shute to give square openings.
Warp Wire
Foundation wires running parallel to the length of the cloth.
Pattern in which wires are interwoven.
Wire Diameter or Gauge
Diameter of wires used in weaving cloth.

Diameter of wires used in weaving cloth.

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