Traction Tread® Accessories

Traction Tread® Fastening Anchors

Carriage Bolt, Flat Washer, & Hex Nut

  • Order Separately: 
    (1) 3/8”-16 Carriage Bolt *
    (1) 3/8” Flat Washer
    (1) 3/8”-16 Hex Nut
  • Field drilling is required

* Plank carriage bolt lengths = Side Channel Height + 1”


  • Align Traction Tread® planks on I-Beam or other anchoring cross-member.
  • Mark the I-Beam for drilling purposes under the third or fourth hole from the end of the Traction Tread® plank. Drill a pilot hole.
  • Remove Traction Tread® plank and drill a finish hole.
  • Drill out the hole in Traction Tread® plank.
  • Replace Traction Tread® plank to its original position. Run bolt through Traction Tread® plank and I-Beam. Tighten with washer and nut until secure.
  • Test for movement or slippage. If Traction Tread® planks are not secure, check fastening system for loose or missing parts. Repeat steps 1 thru 5.

Note: Do not walk on Traction Tread® planks if they are not secure. Serious injury could result.


A common method of fastening safety grating is welding. It is recommended that all Grating products be fillet welded. For more information, consult Technical Services.