Riveted Steel Bar Grating


Riveted Bar Grating Riveted Bar Grating

Riveted steel bar grating is the first choice by many engineers for many applications. Compared to welded or swaged-locked grating, riveted has a greater load carrying capacity for the same span and depth of grating. Because of its reticulated bars riveted to the bearing bars, it has increased resistance to buckling and shuttering. This is particularly important where braking and acceleration transmit lateral forces to the main and secondary members of the grating.

Riveted carbon steel and aluminum gratings utilize rivets which are individually cold-pressed using hydraulically and mechanically operated riveting tools. Thus, the bearing bars and reticulated bars are sealed together as a high-strength joint, freeing the grating from the residual stresses that cause warp and joint failures.

It is unparalleled where rolling stock and wheeled equipment are used, especially those with casters. The reticulated bars present a smoother surface for this traffic. It is very popular for use as flooring, ramps, docks and other surfaces and it is ideally suited for walkways because of its added walking comfort.

Riveted grating has a long history and only a few manufacturers remain. Marco can match your existing riveted grating when you are replacing or expanding your installation. On special order, heavy-duty bar sizes and/or widths greater than shown are also available.

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