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wire cloth refinery grade Refinery Grade Wire Mesh

The petrochemical industry requires tough, durable support screens that provide larger, more precise openings for use in petrochemical and refining applications. That’s why it’s so important to choose a wire cloth distributor that offers mesh products of excellent quality.

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Special Refinery Specific Meshes

3217 Mesh x .063, 7 Mesh x .047, 3 Mesh x .054, 8 Mesh x .028
310ss8 Mesh x .028"
316L / 321 / 347ss9 x 9-1/2 Mesh x .063"
3473 Mesh x .054, 7 Mesh x .047, 6 x 8 Mesh x .032, 8 Mesh x .028
4105 Mesh x .092"
Monel 4002 Mesh x .063", 2 Mesh x .105", 4 mesh x .047", 40 Mesh x .010", 100 Mesh, & more
Inconel 6008 Mesh x .028, 20 Mesh x .016

Marco Has Refinery Grade Wire Cloth to Meet Your Needs

Marco Specialty Steel is your headquarters for refinery grade wire mesh that’s up to the challenge. We feature a wide selection of high-quality welded and woven wire mesh that can provide a more efficient alternative to wedge wire or perforated steel screen and help you increase productivity in your petroleum operation.

Oil, petroleum, natural gas, sugar and refineries frequently need and rely on certain wire mesh specifications for high performance use. Sometimes, individuals and organizations specify high performance alloys, like T-316 Stainless Steel, Monel and other less common alloys like Inconel. See our list above. Marco specializes in quick lead times while providing custom manufactured specifications.

We also offer “aluminizing“, or “alonizing” for longer screen life. We have very competitive prices, short lead times, and a process that’s approved by leading companies in the oil and gas industry. For your convenience, we stock tie wire for lashing the mesh to your supports.

Used in pipe fittings, vessel internals / catalyst support grids, manway covers, to name a few, wire mesh specifications are identified by purchasing agents and are selected by refineries to meet specific requirements. Typically, to quote on a request, Marco needs certain criteria, which can be found on our how to order wire cloth page.

 Wire Mesh_Refinery Grade 2 Wire Cloth_Refinery Grade 1 Wire Cloth_Refinery Grade 3Refinery-Grade-Wire-Mesh

We Use Only the Best Refinery Grade Wire Cloth Materials

Our refinery grade wire mesh is made from stainless steel to ensure the superior strength and excellent corrosion resistance that is essential for long-term petroleum industry use. You can also choose from other reliable refinery grade wire cloth materials, such as nickel-based alloys, galvanized steel, carbon steel and aluminum. All wire cloth screens feature a rigid, flat design that is required for catalyst support applications.

You also get the benefit of a continuous slot design that reduces the risk of plugging and simplifies mesh maintenance. Choose from a wide range of mesh openings, as well as stitched or welded seams. Bolt holes are included to accommodate hold down rings.

Refinery Grade Wire MeshWe Can Meet Your Specialty Refinery Grade Wire Mesh Needs

While our large inventory of stock refinery grade wire mesh materials can meet the requirements of many of our customers, we also understand that some companies have unique applications that require highly specialized products. We have the ability to provide custom weaves and mesh at our state-of-the-art Houston, TX facility, near the site of the largest petrochemical complex in the entire world. Our fabrication department is able to create custom products from refinery grade mesh.

We routinely custom create catalyst support grids made from bar grating with wire mesh overlay, as well as “Johnson Screen” support grids. Other vessel internals such as perforated metal scallops, center pipes and catalyst baskets can be provided by Marco Specialty Steel.

Just let us know exactly what you need and we will work closely with you to produce the result you desire. You can simply upload your own drawings and we can bring your product concept to life. Ask our sales representative about our ability to create print takeoffs to help your job-site run smoothly.

Our People Make the Difference

While other wire cloth distributors may be able to provide you with a top-notch refinery grade wire cloth product, few can match Marco Specialty Steel when it comes to customer support. We make a point of turning around every project as quickly as possible so you’re able to maintain your tight production schedules. We also feature an experienced team of sales professionals, engineers, architects and others who are always willing to go the extra mile to find the right solution for every customer.

We firmly believe that a little extra effort and paying close attention to the details goes a long way toward achieving our goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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Discover what makes Marco Specialty Steel your best choice when it comes to tough, reliable refinery grade wire mesh solutions for your petroleum industry applications. Contact us to learn more about our products and to receive a no-obligation price quote. We will also be happy to discuss any specific customization requirements.

A technical representative is always on call, 24/7 to help you, and ship from our vast in stock inventory of refinery grades and specifications. Marco Specialty Steel offers the fast service for your critical shutdown needs.

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