Traction-Tread-Safety-Grating Traction-Tread® Safety Grating

Traction-Tread® is considered safety grating that is a high-quality industrial flooring featuring hundreds of perforated-button treads that offer extraordinary slip resistance in all directions. This superior industrial traction tread is ideally suited for any manufacturing or commercial application where safe pedestrian traffic is of utmost importance. The unique tread design enables the flooring to retain a high percentage of its original non-slip properties over time. Traction-Tread® grating can be easily adapted to applications such as ramps, stair treads, walkways, crossover platforms and equipment platforms.

Plank Grating

Traction-Tread® Planks

Traction Tread® planks are available in 7”, 10” and 12” widths, as well as a 10” width with a larger hole pattern. Material options include 11-gauge and 13-gauge steel and .125 aluminum. Channels are available in button-hole patterns, and safe load tables are also available upon request. Read more…



Traction-Tread® Flooring Sheets

Traction Tread® flooring sheets are sold in numerous perforated button-tread patterns including star, square, rectangular, OEM, drain hole and dimple-only. Standard sheet size is 36” wide x 120” long. Material options include 11-gauge, 12-gauge, 13-gauge 14-gauge and 16-gauge carbon steel and .125 aluminum. Special materials are available upon request. Read more…

Stair Treads

Traction-Tread® Stair Treads

Traction Tread® stair treads feature welded ends that enable an easy attachment to stringers. Material options include mill-galvanized 11- and 13-gauge steel, hot rolled, pickled and oiled 11- and 13-gauge carbon steel and a .125 aluminum alloy. Standard stair tread lengths are 24” and 48”. Read more…


Ladder Rungs

Traction-Tread® Ladder Rungs

Traction Tread® ladder rungs provide a hand-over-hand friendly surface with medium slip resistance. Ladder rungs are sold in lengths that make them perfectly suited for fabrication. Material options include 11-gauge and 13-gauge carbon steel, .125 aluminum and 16-gauge stainless steel. Stock span lengths range from 16” to 24”. Read more…

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, easy to fabricate, slip-resistant walking surfaces and maintenance-free
  • Ideal for pedestrian traffic
  • Button design allows all to walk comfortably and safely over the surfaces
  • Offered in planks and 36” x 120” sheets
  • Ideal for pedestrian walkways, scaffold planking, mezzanines, stair treads, and resurfacing of worn materials
  • Useful anywhere a light slip-resistance flooring is required
  • Seet Length – 10’ (120”) – also available in HRP&O steel
  • Plank Lengths – 10’ & 12’
  • Ladder Rung Length – 483/4” & 60”
  • Stainless available upon request
  • Special fabrication cutting or specialty configurations available
Traction-Tread Ladder Rungs
Traction Tread Step
Steel Staircase With Multiple Levels
Traction-Tread Planks & Steps

Traction-Tread® Safe Loads and Deflections Tables:

Plank width 7″ Nominal (6-7/8 actual)
Plank width 10″ Nominal (9-7/8 actual)
Plank width 12″ Nominal (11-7/8 actual)
Plank (Large Hole) width 10″
Flooring and Patterns
Stair Treads
Ladder Rungs

Ask Us About Your Customized Traction Tread® Product Options

Traction Tread® sheets and other products offer the important benefit of versatility. While stock Traction Tread® products are well-suited for the vast majority of industrial and commercial applications, they also offer numerous opportunities for customization. Marco has an in-house fabrication shop where we can perform custom cutting and produce a wide variety of specialty configurations. Feel free to supply us with your own drawings or blueprints, and we will bring your custom design concept to life!

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Marco Specialty Steel proudly supplies and fabricates the most comprehensive line of safety grating products including Grip-Strut®Perf-O Grip®, Traction-Tread®and Grate-Lock® with slip resistant surfaces.

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