Perf-O Grip® Stair Treads

Perf-O-Grip-stair treads-different-sizes Perf-O Grip® Stair Treads & Carrier Plates

Perf-O Grip® Stair TreadsPerf-o-Grip-Stair-Treads

Specify original Perf-O Grip® or Perf-O Grip® 2 stair treads. All treads have welded ends for attachment to stringers.

  • Mill-galvanized steel: 11 ga and 13 ga.
  • Hot rolled, pickled and oiled carbon steel: 11 ga. and 13 ga.
  • Lengths: 24”, 30”, 36” and 48”
  • Widths: 5”, 7” 10” and 12” (nominal)
  • Channel heights: 11/2” and 2”
  • For stair treads, intermediate stringer is recommended for spans over 4 feet.

perf-grip-stair-treadsPerf-O Grip® Carrier Plates

Carrier plates allow you to create your own custom stair treads. They are sold by the pair. (2 plates = one pair).

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Perf-O Grip® Traction Nosing
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Custom Fabricated Stair Tread

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