3 Hole Plank Grating

Perf-O Grip® 3 Hole Plank Grating

3 Hole Plank — 7” Width Specifications

  • Standard lengths are 10’-0” and 12’-0”
  • Steel options: 11 and 13 gauge
  • Aluminum option: 0.125 gauge
  • Stainless Steel option: 16 gauge

Diagram Detail

Click here to print 3-Hole Plank — 7” width Load Table

Product Selection/Design Tables

Allowable Loads and Deflections: U=Uniform Load (lb./ft.2) C= Concentrated Load (lb.) D=Deflection (in.)

* Perf-O Grip®: To order standard  Perf-O Grip® grating use part number “Pxxxxx”.
Perf-O Grip 2®: To order New Perf-O Grip 2® grating use part number “Axxxxx”. End margins are standard on new Perf-O Grip 2® grating 2-Hole through 6-Hole plank only ( 5” through 12” widths). Standard lengths are 10’-0” and 12’-0”.

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