Perf-O Grip® Plank Grating

Perf-O-Grip plank grating on railway car Perf-O Grip®Plank Safety Grating

Perf-O Grip®Plank Advantages

  • Safe Surface: Grips soles securely — in all directions. Non-slip Perf-O Grip® safety grating surfaces are ideal for inside or outside locations where mud, ice, snow, oil and detergents can create hazardous walking conditions.
  • Helps Extend Life: Sturdy construction provides the advantages of heavy load-carrying capacity with minimal deflection; rugged durability with longer-lasting performance.
  • Economical To Install and Use: Offering a lowest total installed cost, Perf-O Grip® safety grating also features long-lasting, rust- resistant materials and finishes.
  • Versatile: Perf-O Grip® safety grating combines safety and durability with ease of fabrication and versatility.

Perf-O Grip® 2-Hole Plank — 5” Width

Click here to print 2-Hole Plank — 5” width Load Table

 Perf-O Grip® 3-Hole Plank — 7” Width

Click here to print 3-Hole Plank — 7” width Load Table

 Perf-O Grip® 5-Hole Plank — 10” Width

Click here to print 5-Hole Plank — 10” width Load Table

 Perf-O Grip® 6-Hole Plank — 12” Width

Click here to print 6-Hole Plank — 12” width Load Table

 Perf-O Grip®10-Hole Plank — 18” Width

Click here to print 10-Hole Plank — 18” width Load Table

 Perf-O Grip®13-Hole Plank — 24” Width

Click here to print 13-Hole Plank — 24” width Load Table

 Perf-O Grip® 16-Hole Plank — 30” Width

Click here to print 16-Hole Plank — 30” width Load Table

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