Orsogril® Fencing

Orsogril® Fencing Products

Orsogril® fencing is a leading solution for many industrial and architectural projects. Marco Specialty Steel stocks and fabricates a wide range of Orsogril® fencing products such as grating panels, louvered panels and wall cladding.  We are a leader in fabrication, quality, design, reliability and safety product for your needs.

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Orsogril-Grating-Panels-fenceOrsogril® Grating Panels

Orsogril® grating panels combine high quality design and safety used for industrial, residential, commercial and custom areas. The versatile products and unique design have been used in military sites, school buildings, industrial facilities, crosswalk rails and airports with high level security needs. We stock many Orsogril products, call today!
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Orsogril® Grating Panel Options

Orsogril-Louvered-Panel-fenceOrsogril® Louvered Panels

Orsogril® louvered panels bring together elegance and privacy These louvered panels have refined design and capability to preserve privacy.  They are used in many areas like public buildings and luxury housing, where attention to detail is a paramount. They are best known for quality and beauty.
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Orsogril® Louvered Panels Options

Orsogril-wall-cladding sampleOrsogril® Wall Cladding

Orsogril® wall cladding can achieve the aesthetic requirements of both new projects and the growing demand for the renovation of building structures. The elegant linear profile blends harmoniously with all settings, from the most modern hi-tech solution to that in tune with nature. They meet different shielding requirements and combine permeability and elegance.
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Orsogril® Wall Cladding Options

Marco Specialty Steel is proud to stock Orsogril® fencing with its modern sleek design that is perfect for architectural applications.

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