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Hex metal and flex metal refractory linings are both flexible mesh grating that are easily rolled and conform to circular shapes. They are used in reinforcing linings, floors and any cement structures needing added support. The structural strength of the anchor section helps its range of applications. Some applications include ductwork, heaters, reactors and furnaces.

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Hex Metal Refractory Lining & Flex Metal

Hex Metal Refractory Lining & Flex MetalHex metal refractory lining is a hexagonal cellular mesh grating specifically designed for reinforcing both linings and flooring. It acts as a surface framework to hold cement or refractory in position, and relieves stress in the lining’s upper crust, which prevents spalling and cracking. As a result of hex metal’s strength and unique design, abrasion and corrosion are retarded and refractory life is significantly extended. Even hot gaseous substances cannot erode the refractory because they are reflected away from the surface by the metal cellular grid.

Since hex metal’s flexibility allows it to be rolled, it easily conforms to circular shapes. It is ideal for lining ducts, furnaces, reactor vessels, cyclones, flue gas lines and other high temperature equipment of virtually any shape.

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Flex Metal Refractory LiningHex Metal Flex Metal Refractory Lining

Flex metal refractory lining is the direct counterpart of hex metal, it performs all the same functions of reinforcement of thin wall refractory linings, while its design allows free form rolling to very small diameters. Hex metal becomes impractical to use when the section of plant being protected is of small diameter, the free rolling capabilities of flex metal allows plant as small as 150mm to lined. Typical applications include air distributors, cyclone diplegs, fan cases and all plants where the practicality of free rolling material is beneficial to maintenance activities.


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