Grip-strut safety grating on railway Grip-Strut® Safety Grating

Marco Specialty Steel is your supplier of the original Grip-Strut® safety grating. This grating is high strength lightweight metal grating designed for safety underfoot.  Its unique one-piece diamond-shaped construction provides slip resistance in all directions and is suited for all walking/working surfaces where mud, ice, snow, grease, oil and detergents create slippery or hazardous conditions. Grip-Strut® is commonly used for work platforms, crossover platforms, industrial flooring, catwalks, balconies, mezzanines, storage areas, walkways, and stair treads.

Plank Grating
Plank Grating
Stair Treads
Stair Treads

Other Benefits of Grip-Strut® Grating

Another important safety benefit of grip-strut grating is that the diamond-shaped openings are small enough to catch falling tools and other objects. The lightweight, easy-to-handle planks ensure quick, simple installation — one person can typically handle the entire installation process. This type of grating is also virtually maintenance-free. You will experience a low cost of ownership over the course of the many years of use in your facility or worksite. In other words, Grip-Strut® grating’s advantages are:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Slip-resistant walking surfaces
  • Maintenance-free

Where Can You Use Grip-Strut® Safety Grating?

A Grip-Strut® walkway can provide a sturdy, slip-resistant surface that is ideally suited for interior or exterior locations where ice, snow, oil, grease, detergent or other slippery materials pose a constant safety hazard. A typical outdoor Grip-Strut® grating application is as ice bridge kits that protect and support the cable spans between bridge towers and shelters. The installation of Grip-Strut® stair treads also makes sense for the manufacturing of stairs in environments where the footing is treacherous.

Truck Tread
Grip-Strut Walkway
Grip-Strut Walkway
Grip-Strut Stair Treads

Grip-Strut® Safe Loads and Deflections Tables:

2 Diamond Plank – 4-3/4″ width
3 Diamond Plank – 7″ width
4 Diamond Plank – 9-1/2″ width
5 Diamond Plank – 11-3/4″ width
8 Diamond Plank – 18-3/4″ width -or- Comparative Performance Tables
10 Diamond Plank – 24″ width -or- Comparative Performance Tables
Walkway – 10 Diamond Walkway 24″ width -or- Comparative Performance Tables
Stair Treads

Grip-Strut® Slip Resistance Test


Marco Offers a Large Selection of marco safety grating; grip-strut
Stock Grip-Strut® Safety Grating Products

Look no further than Marco Specialty Steel for an extensive inventory of high-quality, Grip-Strut® grating products. Our selection of stock material grades and gauges includes:

  • Hot Rolled Steel: 12 Gauge or 14 Gauge
  • Pre-Galvanized Steel (G90): 12 Gauge or 14 Gauge
  • Aluminum Alloy 5052H32: 0.080” Thick or .100” Thick (Alloy 5052H32)
  • Stainless Steel Type 304 or Type 316: 16 Gauge

Choose from 10’ or 12’ plank lengths, and special cut sizes are also available upon request. Additionally, we offer a heavy-duty size that can accommodate larger, heavier loads. Complete your order with custom Grip-Strut® accessories available from Marco Specialty Steel.

We Custom-Fabricate Grip-Strut® Safety Grating to Your Specifications

Do you have a unique application or other special manufacturing requirement? We have the capability to custom-fabricate Grip-Strut® grating to adapt to your specific plant or field conditions. Our state-of-the-art facility in Houston, TX includes a modern in-house fabrication shop equipped with all the latest saws and other cutting tools and machinery. Our technical sales consultant will be happy to help you explore the various customization alternatives available to your company.

Marco Specialty Steel: An Experienced Metal Solutions Provider You Can Trust

Over the course of a quarter-century in business, Marco Specialty Steel has helped a long list of companies meet their metal product requirements. We’re known for our extraordinarily fast project completion times, close attention to every project detail and superior customer service.

Marco is proud to provide the most comprehensive line of safety grating products including Grip-Strut®,  Perf-O Grip®Traction-Tread® and Grate-Lock® with MEBAC® slip resistant surfaces.

Contact Us for More Information About Grip-Strut® Safety Grating

A good way to find out if Grip-Strut® grating is right for your company is by contacting Marco Specialty Steel for more information today. We can also provide a no-obligation project quote.

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