grate-lock-safety-grating, crossover Grate-Lock® Safety Grating

If you are looking for a safe, sturdy, easy-to-install grating system for your industrial or commercial worksite, Grate-Lock® safety grating deserve close consideration. This innovative interlocking system of planks, treads and accessories is ideally suited for use as flooring, platforms, mezzanines, walkways, crossover platforms and stair treads. Use Grate-Lock® products wherever you need a surface requiring maximum non-slip performance.

Grate-Lock® Plank Grating
Grate-Lock® Stair Treads


The heavy-duty Grate-Lock® design has been specifically developed to enhance loading grating-plank-surfacesperformance. Grate-Lock® walkways, stair treads and planks feature hundreds of dimples that ensure excellent footing in all types of weather conditions and extreme work environments. You can choose between a textured grating that provides maximum safety for pedestrian traffic and a non-textured surface that can accommodate rolling traffic or racked decking. The bolt-together slotted assemblies ensure a fast, hassle-free installation. See our Grate-Lock® Accessories page for directions and information.

Grate-Lock® also includes products such as solid deck plating. This is the ideal option when you need a smooth, solid, durable surface at your worksite. Solid deck plating offers the advantage of fast, low-cost installation and the lack of constant maintenance ensures a low cost of ownership over time. Pre-galvanized solid deck planking is also easy to replace. In short, the advantages are:

  • Lightweight
  • Cost saving inner locking design
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Fast bolt together assembly
  • Slip-resistant walking surfaces
  • Maintenance-free
  • Full line of custom accessories

Grate-Lock® is available with or without sole-gripping dimples.

Marco is Your Complete Grate-Lock® Grating Headquarters

As a leading supplier of Grate-Lock® stair treads, walkways and other products and accessories, Marco Specialty Steel is your one-stop Grate-Lock® plank resource. Grate-Lock® products are available in multiple plank width and height options in lengths up to 24’. Material choices include pre-galvanized steel and HRPO uncoated steel, both of which are available in 14, 16 and 18-gauge versions. In addition, we carry a complete selection of accessories including hold-down clamps, kick-plates, attachment hardware and more.

Sizes and Gauges:

Grate-Lock® grating provides one of the broadest line of grating products of any manufacturer.
• Three (3) plank width options
• Four (4) plank height options
• Three (3) gauge options
• Lengths up to 24 feet
• For stair treads, intermediate stringer is recommended for spans over 4 feet
Interlocking sections provide the strength you need for extra-wide designs.

Grate-Lock® Safe Loads and Deflections Tables:

1-1/2″ Channel Height – 6″, 9″ and 12″ widths
2-1/2″ Channel Height – 6″, 9″ and 12″ widths
3″ Channel Height – 6″, 9″ and 12″ widths
4″ Channel Height – 6″, 9″ and 12″ widths
Plank Sections
Stair Treads

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We Can Also Handle Your Custom Grate-Lock® Fabrication Needs

As a full-service metal products supplier, Marco can also accommodate your Grate-Lock® product customization requirements. We can use your submitted plans and specifications to create a custom-tailored Grate-Lock® walkway or other product for your unique applications. Our Houston, TX facility includes a fully functioning in-house metal fabrication shop where we can perform special banding and cutting — and even install toe plates if needed. Our capable design team will work closely with your staff throughout every phase of your customization project.

Join the Legions of Satisfied Marco Specialty Steel Customers

Over the course of our quarter-century in business Marco has become the “go-to” metals supplier for companies in industries such as aerospace, refining, power generation, offshore drilling and heavy equipment. In addition to offering high-quality products like Grate-Lock® safety grating, we provide a level of customer support that is unrivaled in our industry. You will appreciate our rapid project turnaround times that will help you maintain your hectic production schedules. What’s more, we pay close attention to the smallest of details to ensure the successful outcome of every project, regardless of size or scope.

Marco Specialty Steel proudly supplies and fabricates a full, comprehensive line of safety grating products including Grip-Strut®Perf-O Grip®Traction-Tread®and Grate-Lock®.

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