Molded Fiberglass Grating

fiberglass-molded-feature Molded Fiberglass Grating & FRP Grating

Molded fiberglass grating is manufactured in a one piece construction process by interlacing pre-wetted glass reinforcing strands in a liquid resin matrix within a given configuration. Once the resin matrix has cured, the molded grid is removed from the mold. The one piece construction insures that all glass is impregnated with resin. Molded fiberglass grating is chemical resistant and non-sparking. It is commonly used in marine platforms and food processing applications.

Strength: Interwoven square mesh construction offers bi-directional strength. This construction allows for increased loading versatility when compared to rectangular mesh. The uniform placement of the continuous glass strands during construction provides superior strength.

Corrosion Resistance: Molded grating should be the product of choice for severe corrosive environments.

Fabrication Features: In areas that require circular cuts or areas to be field cut and fabricated, molded square mesh offers great versatility and will often eliminate the need for additional support for cut edges. Another feature is its easy adaptability to evaluated floor systems through use of special leg pedestals. The pedestal flooring system helps compensate for an uneven sub-floor or slope.

Safety Surface: Molded Grating offers an outstanding skid resistant concave surface as an option. A molded-in grit surface is also available to provide sure footing for worker safety, yet its non-porous qualities help eliminate bacterial breeding areas in food applications.

Molded Grating Fasteners

Marco Specialty Steel supplies various types of clips for its gratings. Pawl Clips and G Clips (part A ), are for molded grating only. CSSM clips (part A ), J clips and T clips are for pultruded grating only. W clips are only for gratings with solid plates, for example, stair tread or covered grating.

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