Fiberglass Handrail Systems

fiberglass-handrail-systems Fiberglass Handrail Systems

As a leading fabricator and supplier of fiberglass handrail systems, Marco Specialty Steel is here to exceed your expectations.

Controlling our fabrication process allows us to offer you more:

  • Quality: We have tight control over the quality of our incoming materials and our resins. The result is a durable and consistent final product that meets all specifications and will give you years of reliable use.
  • Choice: We offer a wide range of products based on our standard fiberglass systems. Our reinforced handrail components exist in many different versions to cover more of your industrial applications.
  • Customization: We can also offer custom-adapted solutions if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for. Our team can take your blueprints and designs and create custom FRP handrail components for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing existing handrails and platforms in your facility that need upgrading or if you’re creating an entirely new system from scratch. We have the high-quality FRP handrail and platform products you need for a strong, safe and practical installation.

Select the Version That Suits Your Specifications

In industrial applications, you need to be concerned with providing safety and protection for your workers. Including strong and resistant handrails along your stairs, work platforms and walkways adds to the safety of your facility and helps you meet legal requirements. Opt for our FRP handrail and guardrail systems that combine durability, flexibility and practical design. We have four different versions available:

  • Light-Duty: Our light-duty railing is an affordable choice where a simple handrail will suit. We use a mix of square and round tubes for our light-duty handrail systems for the best value and ease of installation. The top rail design includes a 1 5/8” x 3/16” square tube with square posts and round mid rail tubes.
  • Standard-Duty: Our most common railing covers the bulk of needs for industrial settings. You get strong, sturdy 2” x 1/4” posts that resist bending, topped with the same size top rail for a comfortable grip. Our flexible standard-duty FRP components are resistant to wear, temperature extremes and chemicals.
  • Heavy-Duty: For more extreme applications, choose our heavy-duty FRP handrail systems. The posts, top rail and mid rail are all made from the same strong 2” x ¼” fiberglass material for increased resistance to flexing and bending. Our heavy duty FRP handrail components also allow for fast and easy installation.
  • Ergonomic Oval: Our ergonomic series of fiberglass reinforced plastic handrails are best suited to those locations where there’s a lot of pedestrian passage. The comfortable and ergonomic oval tube encourages pedestrians to hold onto the railing for safer walking along walkways and climbing up and down stairs.

Contact Marco Specialty Steel for Your Quotation

There are two easy ways to get a quotation for your FRP railing system. You can give us a call and speak to one of our helpful team members or upload your drawings and blueprint files right to our site. We’ll get back to you quickly and propose the perfect versions of our popular fiberglass handrail and guardrail systems for your application.