Grate-Lock® Specifications

Grate-Lock® Safety Grating Specifications

Part 1: General

  • Scope: The contractor shall furnish and install GRATE-LOCK™ Mezzanine Gratings as specified in all areas where shown in the
    drawings and as specified herein.
  • Qualifications: All GRATE-LOCK™ gratings and accessories, unless otherwise indicated, shall be manufactured by Eaton’s B-Line
    Business, and shall be installed in accordance with its current printed directions.
  • Submittals: The contractor shall furnish shop drawings of grating layout, framing and supports, unit dimensions and
    sections, type and location of fasteners and welds.
  • Storage and Handling: All materials shall be stored and handled to avoid damage. Damaged or deteriorated materials shall
    be removed from the premises.


Part 2: Products

2.1 Grating Materials

a. Type: GRATE-LOCK grating

b. Metal: (carbon steel) (hot dipped, mill-galvanized steel)

c. Finish: (mill-galvanized before fabrication, ASTM A653)

d. Metal gauge: (14-ga. steel) (16-ga./ steel special order), (18-ga. steel)

e. Section width: (12”) (9”) (6”) (3”-4”-supplied FM flange only)

f. Channel height: (11⁄2”) (21⁄2”) (3”) (4”)

g. Standard Lengths: 12’, 20’, 24’ (other lengths to order)

h. Flange options: (FM) (MM) (FF)

i. Surface condition: (MG – traction grip) (MS – smooth)

Part 3: Execution

3.1 Condition of Surfaces

Prior to grating installation, contractor shall inspect supports for correct size, layout and alignment and verify
that surfaces to relieve grating are free of debris. The contractor shall report to the design or consulting engineer or owner’s agent in
writing any defects considered detrimental to proper application or grating so defects can be remedied before grating is applied.

3.2 Grating Installation

Install grating in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and shop drawings. Position grating
sections flat and square with ends bearing min. 11⁄2” on supporting structure. Keep grating sections at least 1⁄4” away from vertical
steel sections and 1⁄2” from concrete walls. Allow clearance at joints between sections of max. 1⁄4” at side channels and max. 3⁄8” at
ends. Band random cut ends and diagonal or circular cut exposed edges with a min. 1⁄8” thick bar welded at contact points.

3.3 Grating Attachment

Attach grating to supports without warp or deflection as follows:

a. Single plank application – Secure plank ends to supporting members at every point of contact. Use GRATE-LOCK™ Anchoring Devices.

b. Multiple plank application – Secure plank ends to supporting members at every point of contact and intermediate grating sections
with at least one attachment each end of plank on alternate sides. For added rigidity, attach side channels of adjacent plank together
(at mid-point of span).

c. Welded attachment – Secure side channels to supports by fusion welding with 1⁄8” fillet welds 1” long. Weld adjacent planks together
with 1⁄8” fillet welds 1” long, 24” o.c. staggered top and bottom.

d. Clamp and bolt attachment – Secure intermediate planks to supports using proper length hold-down clamps.


Special Services

Custom Fabrication

On large jobs, B-Line estimates, quotes, details and fabricates to your specifications. Quotations are made from submitted
plans and specification. After receipt of order, a bill of materials and necessary layout drawings are prepared. Grating is supplied
with special cutting, banding and toe plates installed where needed. Fabrication services are available through your GRATE-LOCK™ grating

Stair Treads

Contact B-Line at the toll-free number listed below for information on standard and custom stair tread designs.


GRATE-LOCK™ grating for mezzanines are stocked by distributors in principal cities. Consult your local classified telephone
directory under GRATE-LOCK™ or call B-Line for assistance.

For more information call B-Line toll free: (800) 582-3643 • FAX (770) 268-7213

NOTICE: We shall not be liable for incidental and consequential damages, directly or indirectly sustained, nor for any loss caused by application of these goods not in accordance with current printed instructions or for other than the intended use. Our liability is expressly limited to replacement of defective goods. Any claim shall be deemed waived unless made in writing to us within thirty (30) days from date it was or reasonably should have been discovered.