How Security Barriers Can Save Lives and Businesses

So you’re trying to determine whether it’s time to increase the security of your building and you’re about to launch into the decision-making process. We can help. First, it’s crucial to know exactly what area you’re trying to protect as well as what you’re protecting it from. If this is a security barrier that will be placed outside to keep cars away from a section of your building, you’ll probably choose different metals and fabrication than if you need security panels to protect your interior. No matter what you need to keep safe, barriers will help get the job done. Applications for Metal Security Panels When it comes to barriers, you have two primary categories to consider: active and passive. Either option can incorporate metal security panels, but they function dif… Read more
expanded-metal grating

Architectural Expanded Metal: What You Need to Know

Expanded metal fabricators design metal pieces perfect for countless architectural applications across plants, facilities, commercial buildings and more. Expanded metal is strong, durable, flexible and lightweight, which makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of jobs. It’s even used in some patio furniture — a testament to its versatility. Read on to learn what expanded metal is, how it is made, what designs use it and where to get it. What Is Expanded Metal and When Is It Used? The first answer you’ll need before deciding whether expanded metal is correct for your architecture job is what it is and how it’s created. The manufacturing process for archite… Read more