Bar Grating Clips & Fasteners

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Saddle Clips

The saddle clip bridges two bearing bars and is attached with 1/4" self-tapping bolt, 1/4" self threader, 1/4" weld stud or 1/4" bolt and nut when hole is drilled through supporting flange. Available for 15/16", 1-3/16" and 1-3/8" bearing bar spacings (15, 19 and 22 space) in carbon and stainless steel. Fasteners should be specified separate from clips. (Fasteners available in Self tapping, or Bolts with nuts and washers included).

G Clips

G-clips imageFastens grating to a horizontal-facing steel structural member edge.

The model GG- describes an assembly of fastener parts identical but for materials of construction, that each contain three common parts. First is a G-Clips unique top for better holding strength and to suit 19W4 grating. Second, a G-Clips patented bottom connects to the beam underside. A hex-headed cap screw connects the two, and its length suits the grating height being installed.

Grate Fast Clips

Grate Fast Clips imageThe Type GF Grate-Fast Fastener enables rapid and secure connection of open grate flooring to steel sections. Grating can be connected by one man only, working from above, without the need to drill the steel, or weld on site.

The standard product (LGF037) consists of a pre-assembled ‘top-hat’ bracket, socket head cap screw and body casting and provides the additional benefit of increased clamping force over lower quality clips.

For specific applications, it can be supplied with an off-set top-hat bracket (see option 2) to accommodate non-standard grating bars.

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